16 December 2015

Yoga Mix 07 - Prana Breath

Prana is a Sanskrit word which means "Life Force". Within yoga practice Prana can refer to the universal energy of all living and non living creations. The idea of Prana is not exclusive to yoga and Hinduism, it can be found in a number of different cultures, under various names such as Chi is Chinese, Mana in Polynesia and Orenda in the Americas to name but a few.

depiction of prana breath
A Prana Breath is that universal flow of energy which is inhaled and exhaled from the cosmic creator. You take in the oxygen produced from plants, your body in energized with life,  then you breathe out carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is then absorbed by plants and converted to oxygen once more. That oxygen is then taken in by another living being. As such, we are all one breath. You, me and every living soul on this planet shares one universal cosmic breath since time began until the end. 
This yoga mix celebrates that very concept. Here you will experience deep meditative music that will allow you to concentrate on your breathing, while reflecting on what it means to exist on such a small scale in such a vast universe and sharing the breath of life with everything around you.

NoSong TitleArtistAlbum
01The InvitationAya and TylerOshuns Of Love
02Exhale Version 1Ben LeinbackRoyalty Free Yoga Music
03ReflectionsSamuel Kjell SmithVision Quest
04Healing SeasCraig Kohland and Shaman's DreamBreathing
05KathodosShidoNomad Ambient 1
06Cave Dwellings Desert DwellersAsudha Yoga Dub
07Realms Of Revival CalibrateEtheric Echoes
08Spacious OfferingsDesert Dwellers Asudha Yoga Dub
09KhumjungBen LeinbackNomad Ambient 1
10Uma's BreathAya and TylerOshuns Of Love
11Flying (Bhupali In Dub)MakyoMystic Fire
12Yab YumLoop ZeppelinRain In July

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