16 July 2014

Yoga Music Online

Welcome to my collection of yoga music. Here you can find links to all the yoga music mixes I have created in the past as well as many excellent yoga CD recommendations. There is also a list of some record labels which release yoga related music. 

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The music of yoga is generally thought to come in three forms. The first is slow, downtempo music with ethnic ambient sounds. This type of music is ideal for casual, relaxed yoga and is one of the most popular types of music for yoga practitioners. In my list of mixes below you can see mixes with this form of music marked "ethno-ambient". 

Secondly, we have "uptempo beats" music that combines more dance music forms and louder beats. This style has become hugely popular over the last few years as producers seek out ways to merge ethno-ambient sounds with hip-hop, trip-hop , trance and other bass heavy genres. 

Finally, the most relaxing form of yoga music is "deep meditation". This is generally beat-less music that is more suited for contemplative mediation mixed with yoga. I find this type of music best for individual practice where one wants to achieve the ultimate form of distraction free meditative yoga. 

Yoga Music Mixes Collection

From time to time I post mixes of yoga music that I have uploaded to allow you to listen online or download them for free and use them in your own yoga sessions or projects. Listed below are all the mixes released to date.

Check back here in the future or follow the blog from Facebook / Google+ to keep up to date on when new mixes are uploaded to this blog.

Click on the mix name to visit each mix's individual page where you can listen online and download an MP3 version of each mix.

Mix 01 - Seeds Of Awakening ( entho-ambient )

Mix 02 - The Healing Path ( ethno-ambient )

Mix 03 - Harmony Of Light ( ethno-ambient )

Mix 04 - Lotus Ascension ( ethno-ambient / deep meditation )

Mix 05 - Om Shanti Drift ( ethno-ambient )

Mix 06 - Sands Of Time ( ethno-ambient )

Mix 07 - Prana Breath ( ethno-ambient / deep meditation)

Recommended Yoga CDs

Here is a list of some of my top favorite yoga CDs. Click on each album cover to be taken to the artists record page where you can listen to samples online and find out more about the artist(s) involved.

I will keep this to a list of my current favorite top 20 albums. So check back again if you are interested in following up on other things I might recommend.






Yoga Labels / Online Retailers / Distributors

Below is a list of some quality yoga audio sources including respected yoga record labels, online shops that support yoga, meditation and healing music as well as distributors which help to spread the music to a global audience. 

If you are involved in the production, sales or distribution of such music and would like your website listed here then please feel free to contact me via Facebook or Google Plus or simply leave a comment below in the comment box with your details.


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