06 May 2013

Yoga Mix 02 - The Healing Path

Welcome back to the yoga audio mixes download blog. This is the second full length yoga meditation mix that I have specifically made for deep meditation, relaxation and yoga practice. It continues in the same style as the first mix with a variety of ethic ambient soundscapes and slow tribal rhythms. 

This recording begins with the beautiful sounds of Nada Shakti and Bruce BecVar with the track Guru Brahma from the fabulous album Jiva Mukti. BecVar, an award winning multi-instrumentalist provides the sounds while Shakti's ethereal voice floats on a cushion of air throughout. There is a further track from the album included towards the end of the mix. A highly recommended album for lovers of eastern meditation music.

Desert Dwellers also feature again this mix, with two tracks providing a modern take on music for yoga. Desert Dwellers are well known in the chillout music world for their mix of world music and hypnotic beats, which covers a variety of downtempo electronic genres. For their best ambient yoga albums I recommend "Muladhara Yoga Dub"  and "Downtemple Dub : Waves".

There is one track which I had a bit of trouble identifying in my iTunes collection. Track seven in this mix has simply been labeled as "Indian flute meditation" and I'm not exactly sure where it came from. It has a North American Indian flute sound throughout. It may have been a file I downloaded from somewhere as it appears to be in a various music folder on my computer. If anyone happens to know the track name please let me know. It starts at around the 40 minute mark. Hope you all enjoy this relaxing yoga mix download and that it helps you to find a degree of inner peace and calm. 

NoSong TitleArtistAlbum
01Guru BrahmaNada Shakti and Bruce BecVar  Jiva Mukti
02Neni DesemAzim AliFrom Night to the Edge of Day  
03Lotus HeartDesert DwellersDowntemple Dub : Waves
04QuaesineSolar QuestSolaLuna
05Lotus Call Pt 1Buedi SiebertNamaste
06Isa LeiRy Cooder & V.M. BhattA meeting by the River
07Indian Flute Meditation

08FogEastern SpiritChilly Peppers Vol 1
09Lokah Samastha Russill PaulShabda Yoga
10Gayatri MantraAdham ShaikhResonance
11Oasis MoonKaruneshPath Of Compassion
12Ecstatic RaptureDesert DwellersMuladhara Yoga Dub
13Mountains Of Karma  Mind over MatterThe Colors of Life
14Sea Of VaporsNusrat Fateh Ali KhanMustt Mustt
15Heart SutraNada Shakti and Bruce BecVarJiva Mukti

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  1. Very beautiful mix - perfect for all kinds of contemplation, or just sleeping. Thanks.

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